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Over 400 Guns on Hand

Mc's has a very large inventory of new and used guns. We carry and provide all brands of firearms. Our shelves include semi-auto hand guns, revolvers, shotguns, riffles, and much more.


Gallagher Carbine.  Although designed by a Southerner from Savannah, Georgia,  in the 1850’s.  This gun was used exclusive by Northern Forces during the Civil War.  Mechanically fine, stock sanded.
Gallagher Carbine
Long Gun
H. Osborne   69 cal Musket, flintlock.  Manufactured between1800 and 1810.   One of the first firearms manufactured for our military forces after winning our independence from England.  Closely resembles the firearms the French gave to us.
Smith & Wesson model 18.  Early K-22 masterpiece target with original box.  Manufactured 1955-1957.  Excellent condition.
Antique Gun Inventory


Reilly Haskell Muzzleloader

Reilly Haskell Muzzleloader made around 1858, Gun number 1.  In very good condition.  Reilly Haskell was the first person to patent a fishing lure.  Some of his original lures have sold for over $100,000.00.

Enfield Gun  

Enfield 1860 Sgt. Carbine.

Wallace McLeroy 65, has 38 yrs. experience. He was trained by Uncle Sam's Army and studied at Trinidad State Junior College of Gunsmithing.




Two vintage Colt Pistols. Each with their own story. The Colt Navy Breach loading Revolver is accompanied with a letter from Colt.
hand Gun
Antique Gun
Early Ballard of the Civil War era.  Correct serial number range for use in the Kentucky militia.  Mechanically fine, stock has been sanded, one leaf on rear sight broken.
Custom Work

 Custom Work Costum Work Custom Work Custom Work
Custom Work    
Wallace offers some of the best custom work around. These examples of hand crafted guns and gun parts show the quality. If you need a custom gun or you have an antique gun that needs a repair, we can do it in our shop.